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Coast Plumbing Gold Coast - Hot Water Service, Hot Water Installation and Hot Water Repair

Coast Plumbing are specialists in hot water system installation, service and repairs.

Common hot water problems:

  • No hot water
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Not enough hot water
  • A leaking hot water system
  • A noisy hot water system
  • Dirty water
  • Red Water
  • Hot water is not hot enough or too hot

If you have any of these problems give Coast Plumbing a call and we will fix it for you. Coast Plumbing can repair and service all makes and models of hot water systems.

Hot Water System Life Expectancy

Every mains pressure hot water system when purchased has a manufacturers date on the compliance plate usually located towards the base of the heater. Generally if you get any more than 10 years out of a heater you have had extremely good luck. Coast Plumbing usually replaces hot water systems after 10 years only if discoloured water is coming out of the hot water tap. This is a sign that maybe you hot water heater is beginning to rust and that is causing the water discolouration. The main reasons that affect the lifespan of your hot water system are:

Location: whether the system is located inside or outside.

Usage: how often the system is used.

Water: different areas have different water quality.

Maintenance: whether it has the correct valves installed.

Tank corrosion is the main reason hot water systems fail, copper and steel tanks tend to have longer life spans than enamel or glass lined tanks. If you are receiving good pressure at the correct temperature and your hot water system is not leaking and the water is clear there is no need to call a plumber. However if any of these symptoms are occurring call us today and one of our licensed plumbers will be there the same day on time to fix the problem. So when you're hot water system, hot water heater or heat pump is not 100% call Coast Plumbing the hot water specialists.

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